Perpetual License Purchase


This page allows you to purchase perpetual licenses.

Your license(s) includes:

  • Ability to use the code generator in perpetuity
  • Life-time e-mail support - no annual support fees
  • Product upgrades for a minimum of 12 months
  • The compiled generated C++ code and compiled C++ support code can be distributed in your product royalty free

If you have any questions about acquiring LMX XML C++ Databinder licenses, please e-mail us at .

To acquire LMX XML C++ Databinder license(s) fill in and submit the following order form:

Please enter the details of the person who will own the license(s) here.
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Product Unit Price Quantity Required Sub Total

Professional Edition
(with runtime Supporting Software1 Source Code, fully enabled code-generator configuration options, unlimited attribute/element definitions, royalty-free, 12 months support and updates. Run on any C++ compliant platform) (more...)
User Licenses $ 695

Add Additional Annual Maintenance
(Your LMX XML C++ Databinder purchase includes life-time support and 12 months of maintenance. The maintenance entitles you to upgrade to a newer version of a purchased LMX XML C++ Databinder product. At the end of your first year's included maintenance you can renew maintenance on an annual basis. Alternatively you can purchase additional years of Annual Maintenance as part of your initial purchase by specifying the additional number of years required in the box below.)
  20% of original purchase price
Total Number of Licenses:
Sub Total:

Geographical Location

Please specify your organisations geographical location and Value Added Tax (VAT / MWSt / TVA / BTW / MOMS / IVA) status:



1The Supporting Software is additional runtime code that must be linked with the C++ code generated by the LMX compiler. It includes the XML parser and types library. The Supporting Software is available in C++ source code form.

2 You can choose to pay in USD, Euros or GBP on the WorldPay payment server. The rate of exchange is calculated by the payment server on a daily basis.

For your convenience, our UK VAT number is GB 881 4378 96. Our US IRS EIN number is 98-0558929.


Once payment is complete the license file(s) will be e-mailed to you along with instructions on how to download the LMX XML C++ Databinder installation program.

For help with your payment click: WorldPay Help

Other Methods of Payment

Our objective is to maximize value for our customers and so on-line purchase is our preferred method of payment. This minimizes the amount of administration we require, and other charges.

However, we appreciate that this is not convenient for all of our customers and we can therefore accept Purchase Orders. Due to the extra administration incurred in processing Purchase Orders, we charge additional fees for purchases made by Purchase Orders.

Purchase Orders settled via wire transfer are subject to an additional $ 50 charge over the above on-line purchase price.

Purchase Orders settled via paper check are subject to an additional $ 100 charge over the above on-line purchase price.

The following table gives an example:

Item PurchasedPrice MakeupTotal
1 Professional License Purchased on-line$695$695
1 Professional License Purchased via
Purchase Order settled by wire transfer
$695 + $50$745
1 Professional License Purchased via
Purchase Order settled by paper check
$695 + $100$795

Purchase Orders can be accepted in USD, Euros and GBP. Please contact us at for a quotation for settlement in non USD currencies. (Other currencies may be accepted by prior arrangement. These may be subject to additional fees.)

Please notify us of the names and e-mail addresses of the individuals who will own the licenses either on the Purchase Order, or via e-mail to .

Purchase Orders can be emailed to in PDF format, faxed to +44 1473 353597 (or 01473 353597 from the U.K.), or posted to:

    Sales Department
    Codalogic Ltd
    P.O. Box 30
    IP5 2WY
    United Kingdom

We will send you an invoice either via fax or e-mail on receipt of your Purchase Order.

At our discretion, we will issue a 30 day temporary license on receipt of your Purchase Order. Full licenses will be issued on receipt of cleared funds.

Please contact us if you need more information on Purchase Orders. Our preferred contact method is e-mail to: . Or you can phone us on +44 1473 635863.


We have relationships with the following resellers:
  • SHI - USA (US phone no.: 800-527-6389)
If you need help purchasing LMX XML C++ Databinder through a reseller, please contact us at: .

Refund Policy

Refunds will be given in accordance with the license agreement.

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